Submit a T-shirt design

Ever wanted to see your design printed on a T-shirt? Now is your chance.

What's in it for me?

If your submission is accepted, you will get $4 per T-shirt sold. That means if we sell 50 T-shirts, we'll pay you $200. If we sell 200 T-shirts, we'll pay you $800. You can track sales on the T-shirt page. You'll also receive a well-deserved spot on our website's artists section.

What if my accepted T-shirt design doesn't reach its selling target?

Accepted T-shirt designs will be available for purchase during 20 days, and then never again. If at least 20 of your T-shirts are sold during those 20 days, we'll have it printed and shipped. If we don't sell 20 T-shirts, the design will not get printed. Of course customers don't pay anything in this case, as they won't receive a T-shirt. Consequently, we'll have no income for the T-shirt and we won't pay you.

How do I submit a design?

You can submit your artwork by emailing it to Please include a link to your portfolio in the email. Please read the technical limitations below before submitting. Artwork that doesn't meet the requirements will not be considered.

Any technical limitations?

The maximum artwork size is about 30 cm x 40 cm (12 in x 16 in). The artwork resolution must be 300 ppi. We prefer the artwork to have a maximum of 2 colors. (If you insist on using more colors, that's ok but we'll probably need to increase the selling target.) You must use one of these templates to present your artwork. Your design must be presented on a men's tee and on a women's tee. That means you can pick a T-shirt color for men and another one for women, but the design must be exactly the same on both.

The T-shirts will be screen printed so ensure that your files have one layer per color. You don’t need to supply us with your final artwork initially. Just the templated image is fine. Only if your submission is accepted, you’ll have to supply us with the final artwork: a layered pdf or psd.

Will you accept or reject my artwork?

Can't tell. Every submission is carefully considered but we can't guarantee your design will end up in our shop. We'll try to give you as much feedback as possible. We like to think we have a high standard. Have a look at our shop to see all accepted submissions.

It will remain my artwork, right?!

Of course. The artwork will remain the property of the artist, but can’t be used for print on T-shirts, clothing, cards or posters until that point when Wolf no longer produces the item. We will of course always clearly mention you as the designer of the T-shirt and you’ll get a well-deserved spot on our website's artists section.

More questions?

Ask us!